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Packing light and packing small has become more important to me as I journey on in life.  The older I get, the lighter my pack seems to get!  This isn’t a bad thing, this only means I may be getting smarter, too.   I don’t want to lug around so much stuff that I end up with a sore neck, shoulder, or back.  I want to enjoy my travels, so I am always scouting for items that will make my traveling easier and more comfortable at the same time.  This has a lot to do with why I created the...

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Support the Trail

Growing up in the low mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, I grew to love those mountains as my home.  All I ever wanted to do was walk through the woods, up and down the hills forever and ever as a kid.  I still do!  When I see the bare deciduous trees that pepper the Appalachian Mountains in Fall, I can hardly hold myself back from the trails.  So I don’t…I put on my boots and a day pack and head out.  It is a place for us to go to in order to commune and understand our natural world.  For many...

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Go Outside

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.”  -Rachel Carson I encourage everyone to spend time outdoors.  It has been the main influence in my life, forming my character and teaching me how to move about in the world.  When I come back to the city after being immersed in nature for a time, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain the balance I felt while out there.  A good friend once told me it is possible to bring that stability with you: just hear a moose call when someone honks...

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Finding True North

As I set my sights on 2018, I see all of the pathways that Julpak can take me.  Most of the past year I have walked on solid footing, sometimes on rocky ground, but always with that trail front and center.  Wandering but not lost.  Compass in hand.  Looking for True North.  I trek with the confidence of knowing that the skills I have developed over a lifetime will come together and make this journey successful.  I see the precipice and I walk along the edge, I see the rapids and I steer for the standing water. Where Julpak is...

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Go Outside Resources

Get Your Gear!

Every Julpak needs its gear. Be prepared when you leave home…whether you are setting out for faraway places or going to the grocery store you must have your essentials with you at all times.

Here you will find many of the items you need for your Julpak in the right size and at the right price. I have field-tested these in my own Every Day Carry (EDC) kit. I can recommend each piece as a solid choice for your pack.

Determine your purpose when choosing your gear:

When building an EDC remember the 5 C’s of Survival: Cover, Container, Cutting, Cordage, and Compression (fire).

For emergency preparedness keep in mind: First Aid, Water Safety, Food Prep, Hygiene, Important Documents, Emergency Cash, Lighting, Phone Chargers, Signaling, and Orienteering.

If you are traveling by air avoid anything with a blade!